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Royal Canin -  the food we recommend and feed

Safe Kitty enclosures - For times when your kitty wants to play outside and be safe

Concord Merrimack SPCA - our local animal shelter. - If we don't have what you're looking for, she might

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Our kittens are raised in a home with 3 dogs and a parrot who is allowed to roam the house on a weekly basis.  We feel this gives our kittens and cats an advantage when going into homes with different types of pets.  

Home Visit


We do not sell or place kittens unless there has been a minimum of a 2 hour visit to our home to see how you interact

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About Our Journey




If we have the right fit, we will schedule either a return visit or other travel arrangements.

Phone Call


Our initial point of contact will most likely be the phone.  We will discuss your wants and our availability

In 1993 we began our cat fancy career with a beautiful little cream and white Maine Coon.  We visited a cat show in Concord shortly after getting her and talked with exhibitors and became immediately addicted to the "show world".  We bred and showed Maine Coons for over 15 years.  When the breed was evolving to the Maine Coon of today, we decided to look to another breed.  

Because we had been in the fancy for quite some time, we had developed a relationship with several other breeders.  We selected the Scottish Fold for its uniqueness and beauty.  We had always loved the "owl like" expression and the overall sturdiness of the breed. 

Our first Scottish Fold was a pretty blue cream with white named Cissiliene. Her tightly folded ears and big round eyes stole our heart.  

Since Cissiliene, we have added to our breeding program a Scottish Straight Cameo Male and our CFF Cat of the Year for 2011-2012 Oceanfolds Dante' of Capital Heights.  He is a fantastic Silver Classic Tabby with White as you can see below.