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Les and Vicky Merrill are the people who have been allowed to feed and care for these great cats


Visit our Kittens available page and find your forever friend.  Pedigrees and information available upon request

Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale

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We have no planned breedings at this time.

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New Publications  has information on our year end award banquet and how to register your pet

See pictures of our Females and explore the pedigrees for each of them.


We have had our first litter in quite a while and expecting another any day now.  Please visit our Kittens Available Page

See pictures of our Males and explore the pedigrees for each of them.

  • How we started in the cat fancy
  •  Our journey to the Scottish Fold
  • What we do today within the cat fancy
  • Scottish Fold Kittens for sale

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